Snigdha Bhardwaj
Snigdha is a 4th year Accounting and BTM Student, who served as the Finance Director this past year. She is really excited to meet all the new clients and volunteers this year and serve the clinic in her capacity as the President. She has plans of increasing awareness about taxes this year and hopefully help as many UBC Students as possible with her team.
Daniel Li
IT Director
Daniel is a fourth year accounting student who plans on pursuing a career in tax once he graduates. In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing baseball and is also a Seeker for the UBC Quidditch Team.
Sukhmanjot Manes
Volunteer Director
Sukhman is excited to see what great memories we’ll make as a team, with our volunteers and supervisors. She likes to think of herself as a curious person and because of that, her hobbies are constantly changing. But honestly, who doesn’t love some downtime with Netflix!
Archana Garg
Volunteer Director
As a Volunteer Coordinator this year, Archana aims to be the supporting hand and listening ear of each volunteer and supervisor in the clinic. She aims to recruit passionate and eager volunteers to try and maximize the number of tax returns filed this year! She is very excited to work with such a brilliant team and looking forward to awesome experiences ahead!
Joshua Dang
Training Director
Joshua is a second-year commerce undergrad pursuing a specialization in accounting and business technology management. As the director of training and development, he strives to empower volunteers to immerse themselves in empowering others on the benefits of the Canadian tax system. Joshua is currently on the Dean’s Student Advisory Council improving academia for the faculty of business. He is also a Finance Assistant at the office of procurement and payroll in Sauder managing invoices and budgets for the school. In his free time, he plays volleyball, makes YouTube videos, and runs a spa business with this mother.
Phoenix Yin
Training Director
Phoenix is a fifth year Microbiology student (science woo) who has volunteered with TACS since her second year. She hopes to make training more streamlined and interactive this coming year. In her free time, she enjoys binging nature documentaries and playing video games.
Prakruti Shah
Operations Director
Currently a fourth year accounting student, aiming to learn and explore the world. She enjoys working out in her free time.
Susan Lu
Operations Director
Susan is a DAP student with a background in Pharmacology & Nutritional Science. As Operations Director of TACS, she aims to reach out and serve a wider part of the UBC community along with her team. She is excited to meet all clients and hopes students will feel at ease in approaching her. Susan is an active individual; she loves paddle boarding and appreciates freedom and creativity in dancing.
Svasti Joshi
Marketing Director
As Marketing Director, Svasti aims to enlighten her peers and low-income individuals about the importance of filing taxes by making UBC TACS’ online presence interactive and engaging. She lives by the values of celebrating passions, leading with integrity and striving for success.
Jenny Zeng
Second Year Representative
Jenny is a second year Sauder student who will take part in promoting UBC TACS and supervising the tax clinic. She looks forward to sharing opportunities and meeting new students!
David Ng
External Director
David is a third-year student at the Sauder School of Business intending to specialize in Accounting. This is going to be his third year working with the UBC TACS team and he is very excited for the opportunities that lie ahead of him. As one of the external directors, David is looking forward to creating impactful events that help inform students about the accounting industry. Outside of school, you can find David playing any sport out there, supporting his Toronto Raptors, or spending time with his dog.
Wesley Toh
External Director
Wesley is a third-year student at the Sauder School of Business specializing in Accounting. Wesley is entering his third year as a part of the UBC TACS team, starting in his first year as a volunteer and supervising in his second. As one of the external directors, he is extremely excited to work with the team this year to gain more sponsorships allow for continued seamless operation of the clinic. In his free time, you can find him playing basketball or training for his next marathon and first Ironman 70.3.