Angela Li
Angela is a third-year accounting student who has previously served as a social director with UBC TACS. Her hobbies include eating and taking pictures of food.
Julia Tan
Julia is a fourth-year accounting student who has also previously served as a social director with UBC TACS. She is also an award-winning flutist with the Vancouver Ensemble.
Matthew Yong
External Director
Matthew's job is to build stronger relationships with sponsors for UBC TACS. He hopes to find greater opportunities for close collaboration with supporting organizations.
Katherine Kuo
External Director
Katherine's main responsibilities are to source sponsorship and build strong relationships between UBC TACS and industry professionals.
Cecilia Weng
Finance and Internal Director
Cecilia is working towards building a bigger and better budget by working with the executive team to create new ideas, while bringing more value to volunteers and students. She looks forward to helping and meeting new volunteers and students.
Laura Sayson
Operations Director
Laura is responsible for ensuring that the clinic and events operate smoothly. She hopes that through my work, she can enable the rest of the team to focus on their specialties, and not have to worry about logistical issues.
Troy Chesley
Social Director
Troy is a third-year accounting student who will be working with Cherry to plan events showcasing the many career paths available in tax. He looks forward to growing the number of events put on for students.
Cherry Mak
Social Director
Cherry is a fourth year student. She hopes to execute quality networking events for both volunteers and the general UBC population.
Nathan Lo
Marketing Director
Nathan's role is to develop and oversee the marketing strategy, while working closely with other TACS executive members. He hopes to continue to expand our reach , and enhance our friendly and professional brand image.
Patrick Wong
Training Director
Patrick hopes to be able to improve upon the training process for our 100+ volunteers by working on initiatives such as a pilot training video. By achieving this, our volunteers will be more equipped and better able to help the hundreds of clients we serve each tax season.
Tim Yanus
Volunteer Director
Tim is responsible for hiring the TACS Volunteer Team. The clinic is only open for a short 5 weeks so we'll work hard to assemble a team that is reliable and thorough. He wants to create a friendly and supportive work environment for volunteers, one where volunteers feel comfortable asking for help.
Jisoo Park
Volunteer Director
As the Volunteer Co-director, Jisoo's role is to ensure that the volunteers and supervisors we hire are the best of the best, and that they are trained and ready to help prepare tax returns for our clients. The goal is being well-staffed to help as many people as we can!
Roy Yang
IT Director
Roy is a DAP student. His role as the IT Director is to analyze business requirements, strategy, policies and implement IT-based solutions accordingly. Check out our new website for this year!
Roy J YangLinkedIn
Will Zhang
IT Director/Writer
Will is the Lead Web Developer. He has no concept of money or taxes. However, he is decently skilled at web development in HTML/CSS/PHP/Python/Django, at sysadmin and DevOps, and in business writing.