Are you confused about taxes? Do you want to be a tax expert? Join us!

UBC Tax Assistance Clinic for Students is a student-run organization that assists students and low-income individuals prepare their tax returns from late February to the end of March. We look for student supervisors and volunteers at the start of each year to help our 1600+ clients fill out their income tax forms for the previous year.


Clinic Supervisors work with the Volunteer Coordinators and the Operations Directors to manage the logistical details of each clinic shift and assist in making everything run as smoothly as possible. Clinic Supervisors answer questions and concerns that the volunteers or the clients may have, and are an important resource for the clients of UBC TACS.



Clinic Volunteers work with the Clinic Supervisors to assist over 1600+ clients with filling out their income tax forms. Clinic Volunteers answer questions and concerns that clients may have about their forms. Without volunteers, UBC TACS would not be able to run, and therefore are especially important.