For urgent inquiries: Please contact the Canada Revenue Agency.

Common Questions

Can UBC TACS send me my UBC tax documents and forms?
The UBC Tax Assistance Clinic for Students is strictly a volunteer organization and we are not affiliated with UBC Administration. In order to get UBC documentation, we advise you visit the UBC Student Service Center or contact UBC Enrollment Services at Brock Hall.

Will UBC TACS support filing tax returns outside the normal clinic season (ex. month of April)?
Sorry, UBC TACS does not operate outside its normal clinic season. Our normal clinic season is between the end of February and March annually. Please keep in mind that our volunteers are students with exams in April. If you require assistance with your tax return before or after the TACS clinic is closed, we recommend finding another volunteer clinic in your area. You can find a list of clinics here.

Does UBC TACS support filing tax returns for clients out of the region or overseas through Skype or other types of communication tools?
UBC TACS is neither permitted nor has the capacity to conduct tax returns for clients through any means of electronic communication. All tax returns by policy are done in-person as required by the Canada Revenue Agency. If you have been a previous client at the UBC Tax Assistance Clinic for Students, we suggest you log into UFile in the previous tax return year and follow how each step was taken.

Where can I receive tax assistance during outside of UBC TACS’ clinic season?
Our clinic operates from February to April every year. If you need help with filing tax returns outside than this period, please visit community organizations that offer year round services. Through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) of CRA, community organizations offer free tax preparation clinics for eligible individuals who have a modest income and a simple tax situation. Find the nearest community organization here.

How much I can expect to get back from the tax return?
The software automatically calculates the amount of refund. Most of our clients receive at least a minimum automatic $75 return.

Can I receive assistance to file my other forms like TD1 and TD1BC?
UBC TACS’ scope is limited to the filing of tax returns. For help filing out the TD1, you would go to your Employer/Supervisor. Our volunteers cannot contact your employer for it or fill in the amount for you without the T4A stating the amount of income to report. UBC TACS handle simple tax filing situation. Alternatively, you can contact the CRA here.

I want to change my personal information previously recorded on UFile account.
To update your address or other personal information, you can do so online using the CRA’s My Account service, or by calling the CRA at 1-800-959-8281. The Agency also accepts address changes by mail. Send a letter to your local tax centre with your social insurance number, new address and date of move. Be sure to sign the letter. You need to notify them before filing a tax return.

I want to file my taxes by myself. Where can I find the special UFile code and can I use one from a previous year?
UFile / SimpleTax / TurboTax are available as options if you wish to file tax returns by yourself. They provide a clear step by step process to do so. The code varies every year. Please check the code on this website.

How are refunds distributed after completing the return process?
The refunded is provided either by cheque or direct deposit (if you filled in this information). The cheque will be sent to the address you stated on your tax return. You will have to set up with the mail service providers on getting your cheque forwarded from the previous residence. For further guidance, please contact the CRA. Click here for more instructions if you did not receive your credits.

We hope this FAQ answers your questions. If you have any more questions, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency:

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
Canadian Residents: 1-800-959-8281 (toll free)
Non-residents/International Students: 1-800-959-8281 (toll free)