Who We Are

The UBC Tax Assistance Clinic for Students (TACS) is a non-profit student-run initiative whose goal is to educate and assist students and low-income individuals in filing their Canadian tax returns. The TACS experience allows volunteers to learn and apply their knowledge about the Canadian Tax System, while giving back to the community.


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Since our inception in 2002, we have constantly expanded our services to meet the growing demands from the community. In 2013, we were awarded the “Best Events and Programs Award” by the Alma Mater Society at UBC. This past year, with the help of our 140 volunteers, we were able to assist more than 900 low-income clients in preparing their returns. Our volunteers and supervisors gave over 1800 hours and filed more than 1900 tax returns. We were also able to increase the number of tax workshops held this year to a total of three workshops and successfully attracted over 130 students to attend.


In addition to our clinic, which is the main focus of our organization, UBC TACS also organizes a number of events throughout the year. We strive to offer students who are interested in tax networking opportunities to connect with industry professionals. We also seek to make our services more accessible by offering convenient tax filing tutorials in large group formats at student residences across the UBC campus. Below is a highlight of our main events:

TACS Meets Tax (Mid November)

tmt3The first networking event of its kind on campus to bring together tax professionals and students interested in pursuing a career in tax. Many CPA delegates from the Big 4, midsized and industry firms attend this event and help shed light on the limitless opportunities in the industry. In addition to keynote speakers, there are mini panels, mingling sessions and delicious catered food.



Welcome Session (Early February)

Our lttt3argest event of the year. This event will be hosted exclusively for our new volunteers and supervisors and will introduce them to the values and goals of UBC TACS. There will be keynote speeches by former UBC TACS executives who have now started their career in tax. Following that is the food and networking portion of the night with delegates from many public accounting firms.




TACS Teaches Tax (Mid March)

tmt6To make our services even more accessible (yes, we go all out), we introduced these events in partnership with student residences on campus. A condensed tutorial on filing tax returns is given to a large student audience, and then the remainder of the event focuses on walking through sample tax scenarios and teaching students how to file their returns.