Kevin Mak
I want to empower each member on my team to take pride and ownership in their work. At the same time, I want UBC TACS to expand our reach to more students on campus and assist them with their tax returns - through education, our annual clinic service, and our new online platform!
Benji Huang
My goal for TACS this year is to make our service be known to as many people within the UBC community as possible. I am a firm believer in the value that our hard working executive team and volunteers add to our clients, and from the feedback that we have received in the past, I know it is true. So it shocks me that sometimes when I talk to my friends and they mention that they need help with filing taxes yet do not know where to find help. There is definitely a demand for the work we do, and this year my goal for TACS is to do a better job of making our service known to those who need it – whether that is through marketing, through expanding our service channels, or through organizing better events.
Kathy Huang
Internal Director
My role is what many other clubs refer to as the Internal role. I oversee administrative tasks, help with human resources, and assist other portfolios in planning and executing ideas and events. My goal this year is to bring the team together as a family and help the team achieve their goals and expectations!
Desmond Mak
Finance Director
He is working towards building a bigger and better budget by working with the executive team to create new ideas, while bringing more value to volunteers and students. He looks forward to helping and meeting new volunteers and students.
Edward Wong
External Director
Edward's job is to build stronger relationships with sponsors for UBC TACS. He hopes to find greater opportunities for close collaboration with supporting organizations.
Angel Guo
External Director
My main responsibilities are to source sponsorship and build strong relationships with professionals in the industry. Through my term, I would like to build on the existing monetary sponsorship channels as well as expanding other types of in-kind partnerships with local companies.
Julia Tan
Social Director
Our team is trying to create a new event for returning volunteers this year. We're really excited for this event and we want to show everyone how much we appreciate them for volunteering with us!
Angela Li
Social Director
I am currently serving as one of the Social Directors. I hope to implement new events this upcoming year, as well as executing quality events that will leave students feeling like they an experience unlike any of the events they had been to previously. Most of all I look forward to meeting and becoming friends with everyone that is a part of UBC TACS - whether they are an executive, volunteer, participant or client!
Juan Alvarez
Volunteer Director
My main goal is to hire the best TACS volunteer team possible. The clinic is only open for a short 5 weeks so we'll work hard to assemble a team that is reliable, punctual, and thorough for our clients. I also want to have a friendly and supportive work environment for volunteers, one that has everybody excited to start their shift and one where volunteers feel comfortable asking for help. To say simply, I want both volunteers and clients to want to come back to TACS in 2018.
Juvan Houang
Volunteer Director
As the Volunteer Co-director with Juan, my role is to ensure that all volunteers and supervisors hired are the best of the best, and that they are trained and ready to help prepare tax returns for our clients. With my role, I hope to be able to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring process, that each and every volunteer is well-trained and that we are able to help as many people as we can!
Shana Rhee
Marketing Director
I am the Marketing Co-director with Daniel. My role is to develop and oversee the marketing strategy, while working closely with other TACS exec members. I hope to continue to expand our reach to people in need, and enhance our friendly and professional brand image.
Daniel Ng
Marketing Director
As a Marketing Director, my role is to mix creative marketing and communications to push UBC TACS events into the public eye.
Emma Seebach
Training Director
I hope to be able to improve upon aspects of the training process for our 100+ volunteers by working on initiatives such as a pilot training video. This video will simplify the steps of learning how to file personal tax returns. By achieving this, our volunteers will be more equipped and better able to help the hundreds of clients we serve each tax season.
Roy Yang
IT Director
My role as the IT Director is to analyze business requirements, strategy, policies and implement IT-based solutions accordingly. Notable big update this year include the addition of a LiveChat system. Get connected to our volunteers on the website!
Jay Liu
Operations Director
I'm here to ensure that the clinic and events operate smoothly in every respect, be it IT systems or people coordination. I hope that through my work, I can enable the rest of the team to focus on their specialties, and not have to worry about operational/logistical issues.